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A Mothers Wish

2 Jul

I can not believe these posts.

Are women who wear revealing clothes forced to “cover up”? Its absurd! Who wants to eat with a blanket over their head. This is a very important issue today, because breastfeeding is much healthier (than the alternative) for moms and babies. A healthier population means decreased health care costs. Breastfed babies have less allergies, are less obese, have more immunity to colds. People should be glad that mothers are breastfeeding. If a mother chooses to bottle her milk that is her CHOICE. Its at her convenience, we should support any parent who is caring for their child(ren). Isn’t that whats important the children. The rally today was to educate. We mothers have already made our choice, the state supports us and the federal government will follow and I hope you will as well. God bless.

He's in a milk coma


Sneaky Snyder & CO.

31 Mar

I woke up yesterday doing my chores, bustling around the house content. Later that day I sat down on my computer checking out the days twitter parties. Unbeknownst to me was the situation unfolding in Lansing, at our state capital building.

To me I did my duty, I voted. I voted for Obama, I voted in all of the special elections here in Detroit and when I thought it counted the most I voted for Bernero. Even though Bernero didn’t win I figured my interests would still be kept in consideration.


It seems the interests of the wealthy that are being protected; and Gov. Snyder is among those who are wealthy. He has no problem looking out for his “own” while turning his back to the rest of people he is supposed to govern.

Gov. Snyder is in the process of enacting laws that will:

Tax pensions- Meaning those who receive SSI (and others) will have to pay taxes on that money.

Eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit- these credits go to those who make the least cash. By giving them this credit it helps to boost spending in local markets aka our economy.

Cut funding to education and local governments

Lower taxes for our those in our wealthiest classes, while raising taxes for the poorest classes

Appoint officals operate to local governments which will lead to voiding of contracts aka “union busting”.

These areas are where Snyder is taking money so where is it going?

Snyder said he’s happy to share details on how he wants to spend the money in the state’s $45.9 billion budget but doesn’t see a need to lock every dime into a specific category. He wants the Legislature to “hold us accountable for delivering results to people, hold us accountable for showing transparency in where those dollars go and then let us be good managers.”

I want to know how every dollar is going to be spent. I don’t want a general idea of where my money is going. I want specifics. You know exactly where the money is coming from so I would like to know how it will be spent.

Fire Rick Snyder. Curb the Nerd

And this isn’t just a Michigan issue. This is happening in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and other states. These type of agendas are being put in place to disenfranchise citizens. We have never been a country to let the rich or powerful totally control us; remember the American Revolution? These guys are taking it too far. Now is the time to stand up for our rights guaranteed by the Constitution.