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8 Jul

Now I am grateful for the rainy days as well as the bright ones
Because I know the rain brings growth

So I guess Im grateful for the not so good days and for the great ones
Because during the good times I may forget to thank the Lord for what he has brought me through

Im grateful for the boy and girl who occupy all my time
They’ve helped me to see the beauty in one moment

Im grateful for all the struggles
Without those I wouldn’t be here

I’m grateful for my heart which led me down some dark roads
If I hadn’t been there I would have thought I missed the world

Im grateful no one told me the things I wish they would have
Now I can tell my children from experience



15 Apr

On Distance

I wish I could Distance myself from the worries of this life
Place a huge space between myself and the hurt

I know that distance would cancel out some of my greatest memories
The births the loves the scars that all equal a lesson learned

Im thankful God hasn’t put distance between him and me
all I have to do is take the time to get on my knees

Im ready to go the distance in all aspects of my life
Today is a new day with distance from yesterdays mistakes

Only left is the distance we create
Love makes up all

Bucket List (Subject to change)

1 Dec

I am reminded toay of our mortality. Its something most people try to avoid until they can’t anymore. I’m an optimist so I turned it around.

These reminders can be good for us because it forces us to make plans; to say “Hey I wanna do this and im gonna”. So I was thinking to myself this morning what do I want to do before I’m gone. I’m not a morbid person; but once the wheels get turning its hard for me to stop them. I guess I came up with a partial Bucket List.
Partial because I cant think of everything I really want to do


Play the piano- I’d love to be dressed playing some DeBussy at some elegant affair or at home.

Go skiing/snowboarding- Looks cool and you get to snuggle and drink coco after (win/win)

See my kids graduate- This is every parents dream.

Get married- Every girls dream

Read the Bible- This is a must do on my journey as a Christian.

Write another screenplay- After I finish it I’ll change this to produce film.

Have a spa day- A day to relax and to treat my body to a treat.

Learn another language- A cool thing to do; thinking Spanish,Mandarin or a dead language.

Travel to Italy- It was love at first sight. I must visit Sicily as well. So much history there.

Join the sky high club- Wouldn’t be real if I didn’t put this one on the list.

Visit the pyramids-After all the tv specials I still dont understand how they were built. All I can say is God

Go to a beer fest- I like beer I like parties

See Victoria Falls- A beautiful serene place I’ve got to go see it in person.

Learn my family lineage- I thirst to know where I come from

And you?