Bucket List (Subject to change)

1 Dec

I am reminded toay of our mortality. Its something most people try to avoid until they can’t anymore. I’m an optimist so I turned it around.

These reminders can be good for us because it forces us to make plans; to say “Hey I wanna do this and im gonna”. So I was thinking to myself this morning what do I want to do before I’m gone. I’m not a morbid person; but once the wheels get turning its hard for me to stop them. I guess I came up with a partial Bucket List.
Partial because I cant think of everything I really want to do


Play the piano- I’d love to be dressed playing some DeBussy at some elegant affair or at home.

Go skiing/snowboarding- Looks cool and you get to snuggle and drink coco after (win/win)

See my kids graduate- This is every parents dream.

Get married- Every girls dream

Read the Bible- This is a must do on my journey as a Christian.

Write another screenplay- After I finish it I’ll change this to produce film.

Have a spa day- A day to relax and to treat my body to a treat.

Learn another language- A cool thing to do; thinking Spanish,Mandarin or a dead language.

Travel to Italy- It was love at first sight. I must visit Sicily as well. So much history there.

Join the sky high club- Wouldn’t be real if I didn’t put this one on the list.

Visit the pyramids-After all the tv specials I still dont understand how they were built. All I can say is God

Go to a beer fest- I like beer I like parties

See Victoria Falls- A beautiful serene place I’ve got to go see it in person.

Learn my family lineage- I thirst to know where I come from

And you?


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