Susie’s Story- What comes next…

28 Nov

INT- Law Office- Noon

The sun can be seen through the windows in the office. ATTORNEY JAMES DORNER sits behind a large wooden desk. Despite the heat he is wearing a charcoal-colored suit. JAMES is reviewing a thick file; his eyes occasionally drift to a picture on his desk.

JAMES CLEARS his throat

MS. OLIVE when was the last time you saw your parents?

A table in the middle of the room seats three people. JAMES rises from his desk; and walks to the front of the desk to better view his clients.


JAMES approaches the girl who sits at the table. SUSAN OLIVE is in her early teens. Her bleached blond hair hangs limply around her shoulders; her face is smudged with dirt. She is absent mindedly staring out of the window.

The sooner you answer my questions,
the sooner you can get out there and enjoy the weather…MS. OLIVE?


MS. OLIVE is my mother; erebody calls me SUSIE. And I ain’t done nothing wrong

I need to get to the bottom of what happened.
And I can’t do that without your cooperation.
Where are your parents MS. OLIVE?

My parents too busy workin big,
important jobs like you; to worry bout me.
I’s just doing what Mr. Roberts ask me to do.
Said I could make a lil money an’ be able to be on my own.

Her voice lowers she turns back to look out the window.

Don’t care about no parents.

JAMES saunters back to his desk. We can now see the picture on his desk. The frame shows a woman and a young girl. JAMES is turning through his file when DOUG ROBERTS interrupts him. DOUG is in his mid forties he’s wearing casual clothes a collar shirt and slacks.

Yeah she was workin for me.
Her parents didn’t give a damn about her I took her in;
treat her good. Like my own family.

DOUG narrows his eyes as he speaks to JAMES.

Somebody try to hurt SUSIE; I am hurt them first.

He turns to look at the other MAN at the table. With a smile he speaks.

Just ask my mans over here.
He was watching, he saw what happened.

The man at the table is STEVE HUNT. Steve is in his early thirties, wearing a flannel shirt, jeans and trucker hat. As he speaks he puts out his cigarette and spits out his words.

I ain’t seen shit!

JAMES runs his fingers through his hair. SUSIE LOOKS toward STEVE.

You muthafucka you seen everything!
You ain’t do shit. You outta be dead too. Juss like yo friend!

SUSIE is quiet again as she lights up a cigarette. DOUG turns to JAMES.

What would you do if someone was your family, man?
If that was your daughter? Huh what would you do?

JAMES sighs and turns toward the window. We again see the picture of the woman and girl on his desk.


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