Just my luck

27 Nov

As im sitting here with a nice cup of hot tea I am reminded of yesterdays mess (that’s all I can call it right now) So after an uneventful Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunts house my boyfriend and I decided to go out. If you are anywhere near Michigan you probably had the same weather conditions as we did rain/light flurries. I’m driving in the dark, in the rain squinting to see with my contacts on. We arrive safely (phew) We are designated a spot to park in, as I’m driving to the parking spot. I see a handicap sign posted (dun dun dun). I look down at the pavement to see what color the lines are. Faded blue and faded yellow overlapping in the same spot. Problem. Its dark so I don’t want to park too far, I’ve got the kids and don’t want them to get wet and on top of that I’m dog tired. Can you guess what I did. Yes, I parked. Less than an hour later I was ticketed. SMH was the officer just waiting for me to exit the vehicle? What can I do no one to argue with, or fuss at but myself; since the ticket had already been printed. And I’m sure the officer was on his/her jolly way writing and printing tickets. In ticket heaven My only redemption will be to dispute the ticket in court. I have pictures of the spot, although I did see the sign I don’t think they had it clearly marked. So I await 12/14 to plead my case and hopefully avoid another citation. And to Office L. Hernandez of Farmington Hills Police force Happy Thanksgiving

Its Faded


One Response to “Just my luck”

  1. singlemamatalesitall November 27, 2010 at 6:16 am #

    OMG! Just omg foreal..smh..that’s a mess. Btw, too funny @ticket heaven.

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